Tentative Agenda

10:00 a.m.            Registration

10:15 a.m.            Welcome/Morning Sessions

11:45 p.m.            Lunch

12:25 p.m.            Chapter Business Meeting

12:45 p.m.            Afternoon Session

2:15 p.m.              Adjourn

More details and registration information should be arriving in your inbox later this week!!

Get ready for APRA Arkansas' first 

Free Form!

A member-driven round table discussion

Basic format:

Attendees will be divided up into smaller groups and
given prospect research/development topics, submitted by the membership, to discuss for allotted amounts of time. Each small group will choose a discussion leader and a recorder, who will both be involved in presenting their group’s ideas to the larger group at the end. The afternoon session of the conference will include a webinar (TBD) that ties all discussion topics and questions together.

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APRA Arkansas

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